Zhi Ko on how every obstacle is an opportunity and ways to overcome it

At age 31, Zhi Ko is undoubtedly an entrepreneur to watch. He is CEO and Co-founder of three companies, COO and Co-founder of another, and Co-owner of one more. That’s five established, up-and-coming businesses — and he’s killing it!

From athlete to entrepreneur

When you find someone with as much tenacity as Ko, you look back to their journey, and you see the same ‘go-getter’ attitude every step of the way. You also often find an athlete, but not just any athlete — a Division 1 athlete.

Dedication, drive, and determination — these are the qualities D1 athletes possess, and they are the same attributes successful entrepreneurs have. Athletes and entrepreneurs know the struggles and hard work it takes to taste success, and they are not afraid of failure. They push through pain, keep unimaginable hours, and re-work things until they are perfect — they are winners in life. This is Zhi Ko as a D1 tennis player for four years at the University of Miami, as a pro tennis player, and now as an ultra-successful serial entrepreneur.

Ko, NekozTek, and cryptocurrency

So what kinds of businesses are Ko’s specialty? NekozTek is his consulting, advertising, marketing, sales, brand strategy, and financial modeling hub, where he shares his entrepreneurial know-how with both budding start-ups and teetering established companies.

One of Zhi’s gifts is spotting market trends early and then maximizing by creating the technology needed to sustain its movement. For example, Zhi was able to see the future of cryptocurrency. Therefore, he developed an app that allows the easiest way for people to invest in this innovative trend. This foresight and his Blockchain successes led to his relationship with CoinDust.

FinTech’s core product, CoinDust was experiencing some issues that kept it from being a top contender in the cryptocurrency arena. With Zhi’s prior experience in Blockchain, he was able to restructure the development team, redesign the product, and develop a go-to-market strategy that resulted in a near 180-degree turnaround. It’s this type of innovative thinking and business savvy that keeps Zhi’s company, NekozTek, an industry leader in all kinds of business development.

Seeing opportunities– Ko’s superpower

NekozTek is also heavily involved in the gaming industry. He understands social media beyond digital marketing strategies by diving right into the nuances of social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok. And it’s safe to say that Zhi’s TikTok account is at expert level with nearly half a million followers and a remarkable 9.5 million ‘likes’ on his videos that contain mostly gaming intel.

In an interview by Sunrise News, Zhi takes his love for gaming back to its roots when asked why he is passionate about developing the gaming industry. “Gaming has truly helped with my anxiety as a child growing up and my overall mental wellness. I wanted to share my love for gaming by spreading news and education, hoping that one day it will help make an impact on others.”

And all of his experience and passion has paid off. Once again, Zhi could foresee the significance of connecting the social media sensation, TikTok, to the gaming industry long before anyone else. And this forethought led NekozTek to create a full-service branding team that helps game developers utilize platforms such as TikTok in their product development.

And Ko’s reach extends even further concerning gaming. It’s no secret that the pandemic shut down many entertainment industries, but probably the most crushing was professional sports.

Once again, Zhi saw an opportunity. He and NekozTek ingeniously devised a way to use social media platforms like TikTok to advertise Esports and expand its popularity. As a result, Esports has provided entertainment to fill a void during the pandemic. And it is fitting that this business mogul also owns an Esports organization as one of his numerous business ventures.

Challenges are opportunities in disguise

This past year has brought many challenges. However, for forward thinkers like Zhi Ko, challenges are just opportunities in disguise. In the year 2020, Ko utilized his technological savvy to maximize on many available business opportunities. And the successes he experienced make us wonder what’s in store for 2021.

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