Why the Pandemic Was a Blessing in Disguise for the Digital Marketing Industry, as per Raphael GNN

Empty streets, shops with shutters down, no restaurants or movie halls to go to, severe travel restrictions, the pandemic plunged us all into a state of gloom. However, like a ray of light in the darkness is Covid 19s impact on the digital marketing sector. With people being shut in with very little other than the internet to connect with the world, the digital marketing sector is on a rollercoaster ride to transform itself to meet the demands of the new, post-pandemic, digital era. Serial entrepreneur and social media marketing expert Raphael Gnn shares his views on the effect of the pandemic on digital marketing. 

A boost in online sales
For many, the lockdown left them with no choice other than online shopping to meet their needs. This led to an increase in online traffic giving digital marketers new insights into customer behavior, and preferences. Marketers are capitalizing on this data to realign their digital strategies and offerings.

Increased need for quality content
With people spending more time online, with no option of any other entertainment available, the digital marketing space saw a need to swiftly produce quality content to engage with the audience. Since high-end productions were rendered impossible due to Covid 19 restrictions, marketers had to put on their thinking hats and come up with creative ideas to produce interesting engagement tactics. 

Healthcare online
Healthcare brands had a huge task of building Covid 19 relevant content to capitalize on people’s sentiment and their need for health care products. Campaigns were swiftly churned out with quick turnaround times and were launched. This proved to be a good exercise and experience for digital marketers to help them respond to sudden opportunities efficiently.

A surge in new talent
Digital marketers are always on the lookout for quality content developers to plug-in their brand. With more people venturing into small, home productions, the internet saw a rise in new talent emerging. This has led to new collaborations between brands and young talent to create engaging content for brand promotions.

Education online
The pandemic also saw a rise in the number of people signing up for online courses. Digital marketing agencies catering to brands in the educational sector had to work overtime to capture the opportunity. 
The pandemic, in more ways than one, was a preview into the future. As the world goes more and more digital, the digital marketing sector is going through a churn to try, test, and innovate new ways to reach the market and build promotional content. Raphael’s inputs give us a clear picture of emerging trends in the digital marketing sector.

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