“We will help you to break the ice wherever you are” – BondApp’s CEO Jamal Taleb

When it comes to apps that connect people with one another, there are many of them today. However, few of them are focused on those who are frequent travelers looking to meet up with locals. A new app called BondApp helps people do exactly that.

Created by CEO and founder of BondApp, Jamal Taleb, this social platform connects people using a reverse engineering technique. Jamal invented the application in order to provide an effective solution for people who are on the go to connect with others, wherever they are at any given point. Once their physical appearance is identified in real-life, users can then take things offline. You can consider BondApp to be something akin to a hi-tech icebreaker. 

Jamal enjoys the challenge of finding new solutions to problems people face today. That is what spurred him to create BondApp. A major issue with other social apps was that it was difficult to easily identify people of interest, or a potential bond, without someone using a fake identity. There are certain requirements for using the app during the sign-up process that help prevent deceitful tactics that are all too prevalent on other social apps. 

Also, by limiting people of interest to a certain limited geographic range, only people who are the best match for a meetup will show up on a user’s map. This unique method takes place through a series of sequential processes that are all designed to help two people bond, hence the app’s name. Ideally, two people will hit it off right away, and be able to do so in any location. For people traveling who also want a chance to network and socialize wherever they are traveling to, this app looks to be an ideal solution.

Currently, BondApp is projected to grow rapidly over the coming year thanks to the high traction is received in the Northeast US in 2020. Thanks to Jamal’s efforts in multitasking and working through challenges to come up with the best solutions, he was able to create a social app that solves a major issue that plagued others in its class.

Jamal takes great pleasure and satisfaction when he can hone in on a challenge and find a solution for it. With BondApp, it appears as if he was able to do that, and do it well. While this may be Jamal’s latest endeavor, it is certainly not going to be his last. He is currently involved in a number of other projects that show tremendous promise.

While it is a bit more challenging to travel and network in-person right now, it isn’t impossible. As long as you take the proper safety precautions, you can still meet up with people when you head somewhere. After all, human connection is one of the essential non-tangible things in life that we all need. You can learn more about BondApp on the official website, where you can also download it for both iPhone and Android.

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