Uğur Aslan’s Proterra Cosmetics Is Making a Distinct Name for Itself in The Industry

With a great passion for adding value to people, the entrepreneur, Uğur Aslan, has created a cosmetic brand with products that are now household names in Turkey and more than 18 other countries worldwide. As the CEO of Proterra, a leading cosmetic brand in Turkey, Uğur is fulfilling the need for beauty products for beauty and aesthetics patients after their operation. Through his company, Proterra Cosmetic Brand, Uğur Aslan creates products for people with a strong sense of commitment and a need to help people achieve their beauty and aesthetics goals.

The cosmetic industry in Turkey is a desirable market for investors due to its large youth population. There is a need for a lot of cosmetic products with limited local sources for these products. 3 out of 5 cosmetic products in Turkey are imported, showing little local investors’ involvement in the cosmetics industry. Seeing how the market is large and the need to add value to people, Uğur Aslan expanded his already existing company, Proterra Cosmetics (closely related to the cosmetic industry), to create clinically-tested products for people. The company has since witnessed tremendous growth and keeps expanding its product range.

Serving the Turkey cosmetic market and exporting to more than 18 countries around the world is an attestation to the fact that Proterra Cosmetics has found its place in the cosmetics industry and has become a company to reckon with in the cosmetics market.

According to the founder, Uğur Aslan, “As Proterra Cosmetics, we have a certain group that knows us and our products.” This further confirms that the products Proterra Cosmetics offers reach their target audience and contribute to the products’ significance in the cosmetic product market, making it a name to be reckoned with.

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