The role of positive Google reviews in a company’s success highlighted through Options Swing’s journey

A business is always judged by the reviews it receives from its customers. OptionsSwing Inc.

is a company that provides premium financial knowledge in the form of a subscription service, and this quality is reflected in the reviews it’s received. Founded by Jason Lee and Jose Infante in 2019, the company has enjoyed tremendous success and raised over $1 million in yearly recurring revenue in only ten months.

OptionsSwing Inc. is dedicated to helping people master their financial lives and wealth by providing training on swing trading. In essence, swing trading is when one holds a position over a period of time (either a day, a week, a month, or more), and eventually trades that in and cashes out. The reason why OptionsSwing Inc. is different from many other resources is that they focus on providing strategies and tactics that allow people to make fewer decisions for a higher profit. In other words, with the tools provided by the company, people don’t need to obsess over checking the market every two minutes.

“Our goal is to provide education first and foremost. Once that happens, profit starts coming in,” the co-founders say. Some of the things that students learn at OptionsSwing Inc. include scalps, day trades, and swing trades, all of which differ and are necessary knowledge. There are a few ways to get started; students can choose from a monthly subscription, a yearly subscription, or a premium video course that they can take at their own pace.

There are various bespoke tools that help students once in the program, such as bots that assist with market research, a dedicated space to ask questions and collaborate with the growing community. To date, there are 2,000 students enrolled. OptionsSwing Inc. has received over 175 five-star reviews on Google, which is very telling of the quality of education one can expect.

The founder, Jason Lee, had the idea of starting the company after he managed to make over $400,000 on the stock market while working a full-time job. “I started teaching my methods to friends over text messages. Soon, those impromptu classes became so popular that I decided to create an actual company around them,” he says. Lee has previous experience being a part of a Fortune 500 company, and his passion for finance, combined with his firsthand experience were the perfect ingredients for a successful business.

OptionsSwing Inc. currently employs 15 people who put in all of their time and energy to make the learning experience as smooth and pleasant as possible for their students. The company is active on social media and can be found on all major platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, StockTwits, and LinkedIn. To date, OptionsSwing Inc. has over 160,000 followers on Instagram who are excited to keep up with all that the company posts. Thanks to the company’s reach across these platforms, they have transformed many lives for the better through the power of financial education. The positive reviews keep piling up, and demand for their classes is higher than ever.

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