Sven Plate on how to identify and fill a gap in the market for your business

It is highly unlikely that a dentist would abandon his high-profile career to go back to the grind and start a business. Dentist-turned-entrepreneur Sven Plate’s story is an unusual one, indeed. He shares with us his journey as an entrepreneur; its ups and downs, and the lessons he learned from being one.

Sven’s natural drive towards entrepreneurship led him to start his first business – marketing e-books. ‘I teamed up with a few like-minded friends and we started selling e-books. This first venture was a big success’ he recounts.

Following this experience, Sven got the idea for, an online platform for people to sell their products. Today, has a wide range of products and offerings from online courses, to health supplements, to tickets to music shows. ‘Building was a huge learning curve for me’, says Sven. The project nearly bankrupted him. But through, focus and hard work, Sven stuck to his resolve of building the platform. He had a strong desire to simplify things for those who wanted to sell their products and services online.

What started as a platform for the European market is steadily growing in America and is well-poised to become an international platform. ‘I am working 24/7 to achieve this goal’ says Sven. eliminates all the tedious parts of business administration and makes it easy to run a business profitably online. Speaking of the benefits of he says, ‘we provide our patrons with an opportunity to monetize their passion. With one can access the tools needed to build an online presence for their businesses. There is absolutely no charge for businesses to showcase their products or offerings. They only pay when a sale is done. This win-win approach has attracted many budding businesses. With, they don’t have to pay huge upfront costs to set up their online business. It also eliminates administrative tasks like hiring resources, managing sales, and filing tax returns.

Apart from providing an extraordinary marketing platform like to young entrepreneurs, Sven also utilizes his time to produce podcasts with industry insiders. Through his online presence, he inspires countless young entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams. What is his message for upcoming businessmen? ‘We live in a time where everything changes so fast. And never before in the history of mankind has it been so easy to make money from what you love and raise yourself. If you are self-conscious, disciplined, and take ownership of your life, everything is possible. The tools are out there.’ he says. We agree with Sven and wish him the best in his journey ahead.

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