Slinging Ink For My Sanity: Roland Sato Page

In such a chaotic time one would need a hobby or method to occupy one’s time. The pandemic has the world in a hysteria. An artist out of St. Louis by the name of Roland Sato Page is managing his depression the best way he can. You see he has Lupus an autoimmune disease which is the #1 target of COVID 19. The nation is on lockdown and the urban artist is sharpening his literary skills. Roland a one-time popular tattooist had a thriving career and business in the downtown St. Louis area, Pearl Gallery Tattoo Studio. After a rocky journey due to his illness his sons, Roland Page Jr and Jiro Page took over the business. This left the senior in a downhill slump so his family encouraged him to pursue another artistic trade. Thus introducing author Roland Sato Page! The newly ordained writer is however modest. He feels he has to earn the title as an author with only one book under his belt titled “Eating the Forbidden Fruit”. Sounds interesting already? Get this the novel is a crime fiction loosely based on his past career as a St. Louis police officer convicted of federal crimes due to his family affiliation. A tale of karma, confession, and redemption. The writer takes you on a thrill ride throughout his life as he searches for answers for his demise. Reading the book is like being in the uniform with Roland, experiencing the real-life trial, tribulations, and temptations behind the badge. Eating the Forbidden Fruit is available on Amazon.


The pandemic has resurfaced anxiety and paranoia for the entrepreneur therefore during his quarantine he’s started writing other novels. Eating the Forbidden Fruit fresh on the bookshelves he has yet to think about a release date on his future literary projects. Do you want to know if he has titled the other novels? Of course “Skin Deep” a fiction based on his body art journey and “Walking the Purple Road” based on living with Lupus. Roland stresses his motivation isn’t fame but merely the desire to leave a testimony of his legacy.


If you want more info on Roland’s novel, future projects, or just to see visual images from his past go to

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