Sean McCarthy explains why sustainability should be central to the post-pandemic recovery

They say success is the culmination of steady and consistent efforts over time. In any industry, any entrepreneur’s goal is to become successful and earn a spot in the competitive industry. As an entrepreneur, one should always be brainstorming new ideas that favor their business.
Sean McCarthy, CEO and McCarthy Hospitality Group owner, shares how he turned his business into an industry leader. From a young age, Sean knew he was not cut out to be employed and have fixed working hours; although he tried an office job, he did not last long as he felt he was not using his potential to the maximum.

He ventured into the hospitality industry. With time, he developed his own unique company that dwells on hospitality and social media management, technology consulting, and talent management.

McCarthy Hospitality Group has a team of skilled personnel that helps grow the business. According to Sean, his company has different arms that work together for the better of the business. He says that as an entrepreneur, you should have done market research and come up with a strategic market approach. McCarthy Hospitality Group focuses on influencer marketing, targeted ads, and print marketing. These are all methods that will put your business out there, especially influencer marketing. But other approaches may work better, depending on your business.

Through the years, Sean has grown the company, opened various branches, and is planning on opening another branch. He is a firm believer in sharing his business ideas with other entrepreneurs; he, in fact, advises entrepreneurs to be open and share ideas with each other, as it’s a brainstorming method. According to Sean, entrepreneurs should work hand in hand rather than being jealous and competitive towards each other. For him, a good support system from his mentors is what has helped grow his business.

There are some failures in any business. For Sean, when the Covid pandemic hit in 2020, he was forced to close down one of his venues that saw him take a huge loss. However, this did not hold him back, they adapted to the changes, and he says they used this as a learning lesson for the company. They have now adopted a large outdoor space system to prevent being shut down again in the future.

Considering his journey, knowing what you want and going for it without focusing on others’ opinions is very important. Turn your passion into a real business and put on a lot of hard work, sacrifices, and determination. Never overthink.

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