Saeed Rashed Bin Ghadayer Is Living Proof That One Can Become Successful by Following Their Passion

What makes success happen? History has proven time and again that discipline, self-management, and a passion for what you do often lead to an improved sense of self. That, perhaps, is one way to define success and quite possibly the best way to achieve it. For Dubai-based Saeed Rashed Bin Ghadayer, success came when he turned his passion for horses and camels into becoming a leading name in the industry.

For the uninitiated, camels are slow desert giants who chew for hours and can go without water for longer. As far as races go, it’s the well-groomed and well-trained horses who steal the show. But in Dubai, they do things a little differently and, in fact, have done so for a very long time. The Dubai elites are huge fans of both camel and horse races. It’s an uber-urban pastime where the attendees marvel at the grace, athleticism, and power of these animals. But if there’s one thing they admire equally, if not more, it’s those who train them. High-class horse and camel trainers are always in demand in Dubai. Saeed, who has carved a niche for himself as one, has given his part of the world some of the best animals that the racing tracks have seen. He says, “It’s a part of my culture. A well-respected part. To tame the wild horse and train the unpredictable camels shows much power, patience, skill, and technique on the part of the trainer. It’s like being able to control, groom and channel a very raw force of nature. It’s exhilarating and there’s nothing else I’d rather do with my time.”

Apart from being a trainer, Saeed is also the owner of some of the top breeds. Being an owner helps him keep his love for these animals alive, who like other smaller, domesticated animals respond best to genuine compassion and care. He says, “For me, my profession is as much a matter of pride and prestige as it’s a way to show my love and respect for these animals. I have been doing this for as long as I can remember, yet, I’m amazed at how easily they can still surprise me. This element keeps me on my toes and makes sure I only get better with age, just like my love and understanding for my horses and camels.”

For Saeed, training and loving horses and camels is part of a day’s work. And with his passion only growing, he is sure to take many more giant leaps in his work.

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