Quality-control is our topmost priority,” Say the Thinkers at King Palm

Each industry develops and grows thanks to a few disruptors. King Palm has served as an agent of change and an innovator in the smoking industry, thanks to its organic leaf wraps that have turned smoking into a seamless experience. “We wanted to provide a natural alternative to smoking tools. This is why we poured a lot of resources into our research process and found the Cordia leaf, which we then used to create an organic leaf wrap that is hand-rolled,” the company leadership explains. Ever since the first product launch in 2016, the company has enjoyed exponential growth.

Combined with packing tools made of organic bamboo as opposed to artificial plastic, King Palm has been catering to millions of people who have chosen to take a more natural turn with their smoking. The products are enjoyed by the likes of the famous artist Snoop Dogg, as well as Kehlani, Swae Lee, and more. They all rave about the signature leaf wrap, as well as the flavored line that launched in 2020.

King Palm Is an Agent of Change in the Industry

Surely, pushing for change can feel intimidating, but there never was another alternative for King Palm. “We’ve seen the competition use plastic tools and additives, and we don’t like that. We’ve had to deconstruct the process and put it together in a better way. For example, instead of adding chemicals to our products, we have instead integrated humidity control packets into our storage spaces so that the product can withstand any conditions without needing to be chemically altered. We also created and perfected a corn husk filter for a much smoother smoking experience,” a member of the King Palm team shares.

It’s All About Strict Quality Control

King Palm’s team takes its time to strictly control the quality of all of their products. They currently employ 2,500 people, some of whom are working out of the California base and the rest in Southeast Asia, where the Cordia leaves are harvested.

“Each wrap is hand-rolled. This takes quite a bit of time, so in 2017, we had to fulfill $2.5 million worth of back orders. But it’s all worth it. Yes, it takes longer, but this is the very reason why customers prefer us to the competition,” the team member says.

King Palm Never Stops Innovating

At King Palm’s headquarters, it’s all about product development and innovation. In 2020, they launched their flavored line. Some of the flavors include Berry Terps, Watermelon Wave, Mango Tango, Pine Drip, Peach Tree, and more. Customers are raving about the new line and can’t get enough.

“The secret to staying relevant very often comes down to innovation. You have to keep people excited; this is how you grow,” the King Palm team member says.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to impeccable quality control, creative ideas, and a desire to change the industry for the better, King Palm is quickly establishing itself as the new industry leader. Currently available at 7-Eleven, the largest convenience store chain on the planet, the brand is poised for astronomical growth. To keep up with news and updates from King Palm, follow them on Instagram

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