No Hurdle Is So Big Once You Break It Down – Rahul Saggu Says

We all have big dreams we want to achieve; goals so massive that it sometimes scares us. And this is even truer for young entrepreneurs. Young entrepreneurs are wide-eyed, very dreamy. But sometimes, life humbles us. Or so we are told. 

When we have goals so lofty that they sometimes scare us, running away from the dreams, from the goals, isn’t always the solution. Honestly, it is never the solution. 

Rahul Saggu believes that every big dream that we have is achievable. 

Rahul Saggu is the CEO of ModernCannabis, and a leader in iMarketLive who have years of experience helping people secure loans for their dream homes. Rahul’s experience with achieving tremendous success as an employee in VINE Mortgage stands him out as an authority in real estate and entrepreneurship. 

According to the London-born entrepreneur, big goals are very achievable if we can only take our time to break it down into smaller chunks. 

“Breaking down big goals into small achievable chunks helps us see the big goal for what it truly is: a combination of smaller goals that adds up to become one big goal.”

Rahul likens breaking down big goals into smaller chunks to what builders and engineers do. 

“When you look at the way civil engineers develop a building, especially a gigantic building, you’d be amazed at how small things, when cumulated, result in massive buildings.

“For the engineer and architect, the big building is nothing until it has been broken down into its component parts, and each component further broken down into smaller pieces. That is how people achieve huge success, no matter how menacing it may look.”

This idea of breaking down goals into smaller chunks is echoed by James Clear in his book ATOMIC HABIT. In the book James said that for people to develop lasting habits, they need to look at the habits in small doses. 

James Clear explained that if we improved ourselves 1% everyday, we would have improved by 365% by the end of the year. 

This analysis of improving daily, in small doses, applies to goal setting, and achieving these goals. “When we see the big goals as a cumulation of small goals, then we make achieving the goals easier,” Rahul opined. 

The biggest problem people have is that they set their goals so high, and the height of the goal, the enormity of it scares them. Their fear gets the best of them and then they give up the dream. 

“No vision or hurdle is so big when we break it down,” Rahul Saggu opines. 

Breaking hurdles down takes the loftiness out of it, and makes it more doable. 

It is like what big tech companies do when they have a project to complete. They don’t just get started with the project immediately. They break each component of the project down, and then assign departments to each component. Also, each component is further broken down into smaller sub-components, making the work less daunting and easier. 

So, when you see a developer working on the homepage’s User Interface, there is another working on the Log-in UI. All of these developers are working towards the same goal.

As entrepreneurs, Rahul says, ‘having big goals and dreams is welcome, very welcome. Don’t stop dreaming. And no matter the hurdle, it is surmountable, all you need do is break it down. Just break it down.”

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