Meet The Founders of Your Marketing Partner: Truls Aandal & Jordan Daley

Jordan Daley & Truls Aandal (Photo: Twitter)

The two marketers, one from the United States, and one from Norway represents the best of both worlds when it comes to social media marketing.

What the two have in common, is just a little more than just enthusiasm and skill in a forever-changing digital media landscape. Both Truls and Jordan are also professional video game players, and co-owners of esports and entertainment organization eRa Eternity.

Jordan Daley, who comes from a decade long career path in the gaming industry is enthusiastic about the new partnership he has formed with serial entrepreneur Truls Aandal. Jordan, who holds over 980,000 followers on Twitter, has also notified his clients that his marketing agency, Vivace Hub is now officially merging with Your Marketing Partner (YMP).

Truls Aandal, who originates from the corporate IT environment has made a huge footprint on the digital marketing space even though his entry to the industry was rather recent. In 2019, he co-founded media and marketing agency 8600 Media in Canada, but is now entering new obligations to form an even more important division within Your Marketing Partner.

Truls states that Your Marketing Partner is so much more than just a for-profit marketing agency.

We’re also forming a division of YMP that will focus on providing the government and NGO sector with the right toolkit to master digital media. We understand the importance of allowing people with power reach out with information critical to public knowledge over social media. And we see that the relevant agencies and organizations are struggling to reach the targeted audience they need to reach. This is where we wish to assist with our knowledge so that we can ensure relevant information reaches the relevant audience, Truls states.

Jordan and Truls both bring in quality knowledge, skills and big clients to the new venture.

Some say that establishing new marketing agencies in the middle of a global pandemic is a recipe for disaster. I think otherwise. We’re in a crisis now, but when we get out of it, people will have needs to get their messages and product out in front of the right audience. And when that time comes, the competition is going to be huge and based on pricing. Agencies that have been struggling through the crisis will naturally have a higher labor cost when we come back from this, but our pricing will be extremely competitive and we’ll be offering skills that no other marketing agency has been able to provide, Jordan states.

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