Luc Longmire discusses how Covid-19 was a blessing in disguise for many people

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been overwhelming for everyone all across the world in different ways and forms. Many have struggled to earn livelihoods, support their families, maintain their health, and find peace. However, many have come forward to share the positive outcomes as well. Here, international speaker, mindset coach, and entrepreneur Lucas Longmire discusses this blessing in disguise.

Originally from Brazil, Indiana, Luc Longmire is the founder of Mr. Gold FX, a business aimed at helping people understand and earn their dream incomes and escaping the rat race of living paycheck to paycheck. Longmire says, “People are finally realizing that their curiosity and passions have the ability to make their dream lives come true. Today, everyone needs to diversify and build multiple streams of passive income.”

He agrees that learning the art of investments, having security funds, backup plans, and side hustles are all vital to living a life free from stress. Longmire says, “Spirituality is an important aspect. Before success, there is a lot of hardship and struggle. It’s a driving force that helps me, and many others, to keep going despite failure.”

His work is devoted to teaching people how they can empower themselves and believe in their success. With over 200K followers on Instagram, Longmire shares his journey from being without a home, job, or car to earning a seven-figure income. He has inspired tens of thousands of students globally to achieve financial freedom.

Mental health is also a top priority, and Longmire shares that it comes with long-term stability. The coronavirus pandemic sensitized people toward the need for mental peace and put things into perspective. He concludes, “Coronavirus has sprouted many opportunities for everyone to succeed, if they can seize it and work relentlessly.”

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