Lootie is completely switching up the eCommerce game

We’re in a period of unexpected global chaos. The coronavirus pandemic has gripped the world, with new variants popping up in various continents. At this point, despite the rollout of the vaccine, people are wondering when the lockdowns and restrictions will end. People are longing for the original shopping experience, which involves browsing the isles, socializing, and happening upon new items that they weren’t really expecting to find.

Lootie is a revolutionary new eCommerce platform that’s booming right now — for good reason. Lootie has managed to package up everything we love about the shopping experience into a website, along with some added punches that make the whole thing even better. It’s a brand new way for people to experience online shopping from the comfort of their homes. With the way Lootie’s customer base is exploding, at this rate, even after the lockdowns are lifted, people won’t even want to go shopping at a real store — Lootie will be enough!

The model is simple. Instead of having a catalogue of single items, where you need to browse through everything one by one and tediously make decisions through review websites or recommendations, Lootie instead chooses to package items into categories known as ‘mystery boxes’. Each mystery box contains a myriad of items, which are all displayed to you beforehand — but you never know exactly which item you’re going to get when you unbox it. As you can imagine, this puts a lot of excitement and suspense back into the shopping experience.

Firstly, it removes a lot of the stress of decision-making from the equation. Usually, when you feel like buying something, you need to go through the dreaded process of performing research on the item, and attempting to make an educated choice. It can be daunting, tiring, and hey, sometimes, you just want to be surprised. All of that is no longer a problem, since on Lootie, your only responsibility is picking the general category of products you want. It can be something super broad — like a Gaming mystery box, or Hype shoes — or it can be something more specific, tailored to a brand you like in particular, like Yeezy box, Off White box, Apple mystery box, or Supreme box logo.

Secondly, the shopping experience is elevated to a new level of fun that was unprecedented, even in pre-COVID times. Sure, there is indeed a special, magical feeling of going into a store with some friends, but even in a store, you’re always certain of what you’re going to buy. That is, you need to pick a product up from the shelf, bring it to the counter, have it scanned, and then pay for it. After the first glance at the product, the excitement factor of what you’re going to get is pretty much negated, since there’s no more adrenaline in the decision-making. Lootie’s mystery boxes change this entirely. You get to pick your own category, as mentioned above, but the actual product you get after opening up your box remains a mystery to you. Your heart will be pounding with wonder and excitement, since you don’t know what exactly you’ll get — it could be exactly what you’re expecting, totally, but it could also be a rare, coveted product that you’ve always wanted but never quite got the opportunity to purchase yourself! You never know until the box is open — that’s the fun part about Lootie. It’s a new form of eCommerce, which brings with it a new, fascinating sense of magic.

Lootie has brought the wonder back to eCommerce, and because of all of this, it’s slowly taking over the industry. It’s becoming more and more popular every day, with user growth and total volume blasting through the roof. It’s extremely popular in the Spanish-speaking world, and is growing with similar speeds in the English-speaking countries as well: simply because people love fun, and when a fun website is discovered, people gravitate towards it naturally. In the end, Lootie customers have recognized the flaws with the traditional boring eCommerce websites — and they’re sick and tired of it. We’re all tired of having to do hours of research before buying what we want. We’re tired of no longer having the whimsical fun integrated into the online shopping experience. Okay, granted — COVID lockdowns and restrictions have impacted our lives in a lot of ways, and we can’t always have exactly what we want. However, if we want to put the excitement back into shopping, there’s an easy and obvious solution! Ditch the mundane, tedious, normal online shops. Head to Lootie. Create an account, pick a box you like, and let your journey of wonder and amusement begin! Shopping has finally been made great again.

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