Kamil Misztal Banked on Nothing but Pure Hard-work and Discipline to Achieve His Success

We live in an age where we are perpetually sold the myth of overnight success. Every corner of the internet is saturated with chancers who promise they have found a get-rich-scheme that really works. Here’s the news, they don’t! There are no shortcuts to success, no magic wands to wave or secret formulas, there is only hard work and endeavor. Just ask entrepreneur Kamil Misztal.

As the daughter of Polish immigrants who moved to the U.S. when she an eight-year-old child, Kamil learned the hard way that if you want success in this life, don’t expect it to be served upon a silver plate. It takes blood, sweat, and tears, and a rock-solid self-belief to make a name for yourself in today’s competitive marketplace, but if you’ve got the willpower it can be done.

“If I’ve learned anything in life it’s that there are no shortcuts to success, only consistency and discipline matters,” explained the 30-year-old who has founded a diverse range of profitable companies in areas as diverse as transport and the THC/CBD industry.

Kamil added, “Even as a teenager, when most of my friends were dreaming of becoming pop stars or making a million dollars overnight, I realized slow and steady always wins the race. That’s why I knuckled down, got a shop in a grocery store and observed the everyday detail of how a successful business operates. It wasn’t glamorous, and it took a lot of time and hard work, but short-term pain equals long-term gain every single time.”

After learning the ropes, Kamil wasted no time in applying the lessons she learned to her own businesses and was soon turning over millions. When asked why she appeared to succeed so effortlessly where others failed, she replied in her trademark candid style, “There’s nothing effortless about it. Very rarely do people appreciate that amount of hard that goes on behind the scenes. When you’re good at something you can make it look effortless. That’s why people think it’s easy to be successful, but trust me it’s not.”

When asked what pointers she would give to any budding entrepreneurs looking to make their mark, Kamil advised, “Go all in. There can be no half-measure in this game. It’s all or nothing. You need to find what you do well and be consistent with it. Never let standards slide. There will be many setbacks along the way and times when feel like throwing in the towel but don’t. Keep your discipline and eyes firmly on the prize. It will take a long time before you achieve anything tangible from your endeavor, but trust me, both your patience and endeavor will eventually be rewarded.”

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