Jocelyn Wedow on how she hopes that her journey will inspire others to follow their dreams

Jocelyn Wedow is only 25, but she has already built a thriving modeling career. In the past year, she even began blossoming as an actress. But none of these things were handed to her on a silver platter. As a young woman, she decided to take a chance, work hard, and follow her dreams.

Wedow grew up in a tiny town called Brussels in Ontario, Canada. Brussels has a population of 1000 people. It is an unlikely origin point for someone to eventually end up being a model in Los Angeles and Miami. 

Even as a child, Wedow knew her ambitions would end up taking her elsewhere. “Initially, I thought I’d enter the medical field. I fancied both Dermatology and Psychiatry when I was in high school,” said Wedow. “And I followed that interest to Toronto, where I began my university studies.”

It was around that time that Canadian model Nick Bateman scouted Wedow. Bateman could see a raw talent that could develop into something great. He encouraged her to join the industry. The idea of a modeling career sounded like a dream come true for Wedow. However, the choice to leave school to pursue a new career was risky; there was no guarantee that she would be successful.

“But I believe anything is possible if you choose to pursue your dreams,” said Wedow. “The only thing holding you back is yourself. So I made the choice to sweep those fears aside and go for it.”

And she saw overwhelming success. 

CW Management and Elite Model Management quickly signed and began working with her in Los Angeles in Miami. Sports Illustrated featured her and got to work with Swim Week in Miami. Thanks to her growing prowess as a model she landed some acting roles, including a part in an upcoming Michael Bay movie.

According to Wedow, she never could have accomplished any of this if she hadn’t chosen to pursue her passions. “Take your dreams off the shelf and pursue them,” she said. “You never know what might happen.”

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