Instagram Star Sadaf Torabi talks about passion and hard work

It is a myth that only women prefer to talk about makeup. There is a significantly large section in the male population that feels equally enthusiastic about makeup as females. They are aware of the popular makeup brands, their products, their price, and where to buy them. Are you in that group? Or are 2you searching for a makeup artist for an upcoming event? Follow these four tips to find the perfect makeup artist near you.

1. Ask around

There is no shame in men asking around for makeup artist recommendations. Don’t hesitate to ask your friends or colleagues. Makeup doesn’t belong to any gender. Therefore it is better not to stereotype it to a specific sex.

2. Follow on Instagram

This is one of the best ways to connect with tons of makeup artists. You will also come across many social media influencers who are not only professional makeup artists but also endorse various beauty products. Sadaf Torabi, for example, is one such makeup artist and influencer. She has extensive experience in makeup.

Sadaf majored in Civil engineering, but her passion was beauty and makeup. Over the years, she has completed various training courses. This allowed her to explore the different nuances of makeup. She is now a social media influencer for beauty and makeup, a makeup trainer, and a renowned makeup artist. You can follow her Instagram handle to know about her availability or DM her for more information.

3. Search locally

You don’t need to hire a makeup artist from another state if you find someone similar in your city. Searching online for local makeup artists can provide you with tons of options. You can read their reviews in detail and also see makeup photos of their clients to get a better idea. Many makeup artists provide trial runs. Make the most of those opportunities. You can ask the makeup artist about the types of products he/she uses, how much time he/she takes, etc.

Searching locally allows you to know more about the previous clients that the makeup artist served. You can get in touch with them to know their feedback. Accordingly, you can decide to hire a makeup artist with the most number of positive reviews.

4. Search in fashion magazines

Fashion magazines are not just sources to know about upcoming apparel trends. It also has multiple sections about tips from makeup artists, contact details of popular makeup trainers, and so on. Fashion magazines can become your hub for finding popular makeup artists. The advantage is, most of makeup artists provide their phone number, email address, or website. Hence, you get ready-made information without searching for places or asking anyone.

Men and makeup don’t match. That’s the most bizarre statement you will ever come across. On the contrary, most men have an equal interest in fashion and makeup as women. It’s just that they don’t say it openly as females. If you want to find a reliable makeup artist for an event, follow the tips above.

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