How this Chvkr Jewelry Harnessed the Power of Social Media to Boost Sales

Your outfit is never quite complete without a touch of complementary jewelry that can add that extra pep to your step and confidence. Jewelry brands have been working to create modern pieces that cater to the needs of clients who want minimalist jewelry, as it’s become the trend.

Chvker Jewelry has found the best way to cater to all clients and their unique needs by adding flavor and eye-catching designs to their pieces. It is hard to miss a well-crafted jewelry piece, as they attract people like moths to a flame.

Throughout their time in business, Chvker Jewelry has mastered the art of leveraging social media to grow visibility and boost sales. The social media space has been quite welcoming to jewelry brands and this has led to competition among the thousands of brands establishing themselves on social media.

To stake their place in a crowded space, Chvker Jewelry has adopted a unique style to its pages to make them stand out, and it has worked. Here are three other ways that Chvker jewelry is leveraging social media to boost brand growth.

  • Using social commerce

Social media platforms now come with several features that make it easier for brands to not only grow their visibility but also generate sales. Chvker Jewelry has a shoppable feed that has brought in many customers to its pages and brand.

Chvker Jewelry believes that letting clients see and interact with the product they’re about to purchase helps them build trust with the brand. Using social media doesn’t end at sharing content and getting engagement. Over 70% of shoppers check social media first for products they want to purchase.

  • Leveraging content

Content is king; this is a fact that holds true. Even as most people use social media for shopping, they still want some downtime where they’re socializing and engaging with their online connections. Therefore, brands with well-thought content stand out, and not those that are deliberately promoting themselves by forcing audiences to keep seeing their content.

What Chvker Jewelry has done is have a content strategy that balances advertising their work with offering information and tips to their audiences. Visual content is especially important on social media since people will only stop at something that catches their eye.

  • Offering promotional incentives

Nothing sounds better to shoppers than the words discounts, sale, and free products. Social media is a sure way to promote your products by offering incentives to your audience. Promotional campaigns on social media can help people save on products they need by offering them vouchers and gift cards, discount codes, etc. This is an especially great way to welcome new users to your brand, and it guarantees that they’ll stick around.

The mind behind Chvker, Nazlia Yunus is determined to revolutionize the jewelry industry and continue brewing a storm on social media by leveraging available tools and out-of-the-box thinking. Not to mention, her jewelry designs are hard to ignore.

Having started small and not even knowing that her jewelry designs would attract so many users, Nazlia is not only an inspiration but she is also urging people to leverage social media and the tools available to them thanks to technology to grow their businesses, just like Chvker Jewelry has.

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