How a Unique Marketing Strategy Allowed Zamage to Become Popular over the Internet

Being a successful entrepreneur is a difficult journey, and the path to success requires grit and determination. There are a lot of entrepreneurs popping up thanks to the internet and e-commerce. Mr. Zac Sheaffer, the founder of Zamage Clothing, is a successful entrepreneur with a clothing store and an online presence.

He started his journey in 2004 in a small store selling generic merchandise. He then went on to secure agreements with brands such as Rocawear, Miskeen, Enyce, Akademiks, Timberland, and Converse to sell their products in his store. His first stepping stone was getting an agreement with New Era Cap Co., helping his brand grow faster. He followed up with the company once every month until he did not get a no from them. Years of dedication, perseverance, and hard work helped him achieve his dream. He saw steady growth in his customer base and their loyalty towards his brand. The main reason for his success is his innovative marketing techniques. One of the marketing strategies was to hide a golden ticket in the shoes he was selling to the customer. A buyer finding the ticket hidden in the shoes they are looking to purchase will get the shoe for free. Another marketing strategy was to give out a free new 50 Cent albums with every purchase.He ran ads on 50 Cents website This strategy gave a massive boost to the sales and reputation of his company.

He followed a marketing strategy of collaborating and getting shout-outs from Instagram accounts with a comparatively larger following. This strategy gave his brand online exposure to an untapped consumer segment, thereby procuring new customers. He also implemented a plan of advertising only to his target audience, thereby saving the cost of advertising to a broader audience. He placed target advertisements on websites where he anticipated that his target audience would be clicking. He got a high click rate, gaining online exposure and an increase in sales of his products. During the pandemic, he offered blowout sales to his online customers on his social platforms. He had once again met the market demand and offered high-quality products, while at the same time, did not burn a hole in the pockets of his customers.

The strategies implemented by Mr. Zac Sheaffer have managed to grow his online customer base by attracting new customers, and he retained his old customer base, keeping them happy by meeting their expectations and demands of the markets.

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