Gamer turned Entrepreneur: Truls Aandal’s story to glory

Let’s be honest. We’re all dreaming of really “making it” in this world. But only a few of us really does. Here’s the story of how Truls Aandal, founder of 8600 Media Ltd went from student to successful businessman in just a few months.

Truls Aandal is a 21 year old entrepreneur and video game player from Norway. From the outside, his life seem pretty normal. But besides his studies, he has formed a digital media agency alongside his canadian duo, Alex Arteaga within just a couple  months. How? We’ve got the answer.

Today, creating media and marketing agencies may seem like a good idea – especially if you’ve got the skills required to take marketing campaigns from failing, to successful. But only a few stand-alone marketers actually have the knowledge and tools required to make a campaign work out like Truls and 8600 Media does.

Why did you decide to form your own marketing agency like 8600 Media?

“Good question. I’ve always been interested in social media and marketing. I’ve worked on non-commercial advertising such as growing mine and my friends accounts across social media, doing promotions for eCommerce products and similar for a long time. It was when I met someone like-minded that we decided to take this to the next level and form a company around it. I own 8600 Media with my good friend Alex Arteaga from Canada.”

Isn’t the time zone difference between Norway and Canada a little problematic when it comes to internal communication?

“Not really. It was in the beginning, and I had a lot of late nights and early mornings in heated discussions when it comes to how we should get things done. If anything, I believe we fulfil each other in different areas, making it worth the late nights to see that our business is growing in the right direction. We both make sacrifices to make this work out.”

What sets 8600 Media apart from all the other similar agencies?

“We feel that a lot of the giants in our industry are purposely trying to overcomplicate what we do. We founded 8600 Media on the principle of making digital media and marketing simple. We don’t work magic like other media agencies claim they do, but instead we put our analytic minds to work in order to optimize campaigns to meet the end goal: increasing revenue and reach for our clients.”

Truls, who comes from a regular family on the outside of Oslo, Norway can surely make valid points when signing new clients and taking on opportunities. 8600 Media announced in February that they’ve signed with recording artist Ponce De’Leioun, opening their doors for the music industry as well as corporate marketing.

What is one advice you would give to someone looking to start a business in 2020?

“Think this through, and ensure you have a fall-back plan. Your business idea may seem amazing, but you never fully know if it’ll work out like you want it to!”

Truls Aandal, 2020

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