Entrepreneur Jake Tayler Jacobs Shares His Insights on Automation in Business Processes

Entrepreneur and educator of financial freedom, Jake Taylor Jacobs believes that automation is no longer just a possibility, but reality. Here are his insights on automation in business processes.       

Jake wants people to understand the power of automation before businesses do. Automation already has entered our personal lives. From Alexa to self-driven cars, varying forms of automated technologies are making a direct impact on our experiences. While they have also caused distractions, there’s no denying their utility. However, appealing to people’s rational and practical side Jake says, “Entrepreneurs who are denying what the future holds for automation are ignoring the difference that automation has made in their own lives. Once they acknowledge that they will be able to see that automating processes means improving and maintaining work efficacy and saving time.”

Clearly, automation is no longer the domain of business alone. It has entered the holy ground that decides the fate of all businesses – the market, its people. For Jake, automation is where the market and the client are at. And that’s exactly where businesses should be. “The modern consumer operates from an all-new frequency and an all-new wavelength. They are multi-layered, multi-cultural and on multiple platforms. Businesses can be no less. Rather, businesses should do no less if they wish to maintain and keep up their engagement with the customer.”

A largely known fact that when you transfer a large-scale manual task to automation, it brings down the instances of errors. This according to Jake “has shown businesses, i.e. those who have automated their business process, what a huge difference not making errors can make. Fewer errors in business can define profit for one company, savings for another, growth for yet another, and so on.” Jake is positive about the future of automation and feels that the change will be felt most in businesses that require large-scale calculations, large-scale inventory management, mass survey compilations, massive record-keeping and more. He says, “Several large ventures are intrinsically dependent on more and more automated processes as they tend to make far fewer mistakes than their homo sapien-counterparts, so to speak.”

Unlike some businesses out there, Jake is not in two minds about the future of automation in businesses. However, change is never easy. It’s only by sticking to principles that one learns whether they can stand the test of time. Change remains one of those principles. It’ll be an exciting wait.

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