Elegance Made Affordable with Jewelry Brand London Diamonds

It is a unique fine jewellery brand that adopts a unique approach to reaching more people, relying on honest customer reviews & letting their work do the talking.

Today to start a brand is something many people desire; however, to work relentlessly to earn a unique name for the brand and gain genuine recognition in a very short span of time is a different thing altogether. It may even take years for certain brands across industries to stand apart from the rest in their respective fields, but the ones that have made it huge are the ones that have solely been dependent on their honest efforts towards providing the best of services to customers. One such honest and transparent brand we came across is London Diamonds, a Covent Garden based brand that is rising each passing day, with not just its innovative and creative bespoke designs, but also for its fair price, with no middlemen or brand name markups that is traditionally associated with the diamond jewellery.

There are many reasons that have helped the brand thrust forward and leave behind the many competitors; however, let’s learn a few reasons why the brand makes so much of a buzz in the fine jewellery marketplace.

• Highest-quality: Everything that they create is handmade with precision and focuses on the 4Cs – cut, clarity, colour and carat weight. Their bespoke jewellery has made headlines in the industry for the level of commitment the team has shown to offer customers world-class quality diamonds, both lab-grown and natural mined.

• Affordability: It is rare to find diamonds of great quality and it is rarer to find brands that offer what they create at an affordable and fair price. London Diamonds have totally aced this game by being a creator and designer that cares for customers and their pockets and still believe in offering them the best.

• Unique approach: Boutiques and other brands depend on advertising, have additional markups, various middlemen and third-party retailers, giving them a reason to overcharge customers, offering low-quality pieces. London Diamonds is distinctive even here; it uses the same diamond suppliers as boutiques, but without the brand name markup, offering people more choice, better value and VIP service.

London Diamonds depend on a unique hybrid approach and business model that is based on taking the best experiences from online shopping, bespoke jewellers and luxury stores. Their focus on bespoke service at affordable rates have given them the success they truly deserve even amidst much competition.

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