Consider These Tips from Real Estate Expert Simon Walder to Become a Leader in Your Chosen Industry

Success often comes wrapped in a story and a journey that you have to be willing to take and experience. Those who succeed are often the people who go through all the parts of the process without tiring. Simon Walder is a successful real estate specialist who knows too well what it means to work for your dream.

He has built his career from the ground up, having put himself through college while working door-to-door sales for Vivint, selling alarms. After graduating college, he moved to Houston where he worked for Henry Schein for 5 years. He then moved to Benco Dental and after that began helping doctors build their dental offices. In his time, he has helped close to 100 doctors.

Today, Walder owns a company, Uptown Capital LLC, that focuses on value add retail and mixed-use real estate. Given his success and the journey he has walked to get where he is, Simon is sharing 5 insights to help people become the best in what they do. They are:

Prioritize your development

You can only succeed in any field if you’re willing to grow. Continued professional development is key to helping you become the best and remain the best. Keep up-to-date with new technologies, grow your skills and learn from those with more experience that you.

Challenges are good for you

It is human nature to lean into comfort zones, but you can’t move forward once you get comfortable. Simon has continuously chased his vision for his real estate company because he refuses to get comfortable where he is now. Don’t shy away from challenges, instead, embrace them as opportunities for growth.

Stay up-to date

It is very easy to get caught up in everything you’re working on that you forget to check on what’s happening in your industry, and the world. The world is changing in a matter of seconds today and only those who stay ahead of these changes are successful.

Focus and discipline

Without focus and discipline, you won’t get too far in anything you do.

Choose the right industry

Maybe the reason you feel stuck is because you’re not chasing your passion? It is important that you discover what you enjoy doing and lean towards that.

Even as he worked different jobs, his passion for real estate was still burning within him and he continued to make investments in commercial real estate. Through his work, he got to help many doctors find spaces to lease and this gave him a bit of a background in real estate and the nudge he needed to pursue his dream.

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