Brox, gaming personality, raises $10,000 for cancer patients.

Brox, an online gaming personality, raises $10,000 for Team Doppelpass, a cancer research centre helping young children with cancer

Leon Ohm, 22 also known as internet personality Brox, a german content creator who resides in Kiel embarked on a 24 hour livestream to raise funds for cancer patients in Germany.

The determined gamer had seen how the pandemic had affected the treatment of cancer patients in Germany and wanted to use his online presence for good and help raise funds for cancer patients across the country.

Leon Ohm began the livestream with GTA where he played with some of his fans as well as other german content creators, he then allowed fans to request which games he played for the rest of the livestream. Leon played The Forest as well as a handful of other games and was able to finish the entire 24 hour livestream in which he set out to complete.

Leon adds “I’m grateful to everyone who supported the event, whether it was watching, donating or taking part, and I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved – so far! I’ve learnt a lot from this year’s event after taking new and different approaches to last year, and I’ll be sure to use the experience to hold an even greater event in the future

To Donate, visit Team DoppelPass : Donate to our organisation (betterplace.org)
Leon – ohBrox – YouTube

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