Brian Carruthers: How This Inspirational Coach Guides Up-and-Coming Entrepreneurs in Their Transformation

Re-invention is the name of the game and certainly so for veteran entrepreneur Brian Carruthers. As an entrepreneur coach, Brian’s passion lies in assisting aspiring entrepreneurs in reinventing themselves.

Often we have heard people say, change is difficult. But for Brian, change is a friend, a good friend. He says, “What is change? It’s an act of staying relevant. Everyone does it unconsciously without realizing it. Parents learn new things to connect with their children, young people adapt to change to stay relevant in their groups, education changes to keep pace with the changing times, and so on. Things around us are always changing. Sure, it’s not easy. But it’s the only way you’ve got in order to give your business high recall value. Once you know change is important, it becomes easy. Once you know it’s what keeps you in the game, it becomes necessary.”

Businesses that have expanded beyond the place of origin often faced the challenges of being cast as misfits by the market in general. For Brian, this heady bump in the journey of a business is unnecessary. He says, “When you expand, it’s important to remember that your business must also make room for new ideas, new philosophies, a new office perhaps, and certainly a new way to look at the future. When you steer this change wagon, people look forward to working with you, customers like to associate with you and that’s a by-product of change that no entrepreneur can say no to. Essentially, it’s important to remember that when you reinvent your business, you increase your chances of including customers and investors who until then might not be in your circle of patrons.”

Those who learn are those who grow. Since there’s no end to learning, it may well be surmised that there’s no end to growing. Learning something new, however, often makes you unlearn things too. Brian adds, “People stay topical when the ideas they engage with matter to their end customers. That’s the success mantra of many global entrepreneurs. People who resist acquiring new knowledge are washed away from public memory, like a dried leaf gets pulled into the current of the flowing water, and become lost forever. So, always keep your ears, hearts, and minds open if you wish to stay in the game or ahead of it.”

 Change is inevitable whether we like it or not. To accept it as the way of the world, whether business or life, is what makes long term sustainable success possible.

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