Being a journalist you have the power to question authority.” Says Journalist Gurpreet Garry Walia

Opting for Journalism 11 years ago, Gurpreet Garry Walia had started his career as a Correspondent for NewsTime TV channel
In 2009 he was recruited by NewsTime TV where he covered foreign affairs and politics
We caught up with him in a brief chat, where he talks more about what a normal work-day in his life looks like and more details about his professional life.

Your opinion about profession

The profession is not very different from what I had pictured it to be, to be honest since the Channel gave us the freedom to write about anything, personally, the profession has proved itself to be far more exciting than I had expected.

What kind of difficulties do you face on a regular basis

The only difficulty I felt on regular basis is deadlines to complete a story . In a short span of time we have to gather all information about a news . It was always hard to be on time when it comes to completing stories . Apart from the deadlines i never faced any issue at workplace

  1. Your favorite part about the job?
    There are several but the most favorite as a journalist is you have the power to bring about change, you have the power to question the authority for its acts.
  2. What is something you don’t like in journalism?
    There is only one thing I Don’t like , that the senior journalists does not promote or show respects to their juniors which they should .
  3. What advice would you give to aspiring journalists?
    The profession is extremely exciting, but the remuneration is lesser when compared to other professions, which can be a little discouraging but if you want to bring change to the country,it’s the best profession
  4. Why did you join journalism?
    I joined journalism to bring change in the system by questioning the authorities in power. If media is not strong, a nation cannot grow I believe. If journalists will keep on questioning the authorities they will always work in a better manner .

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