Andrea Vetrano Shares His Experience Working with the Best Hotel Brands Across the Globe

When most people hear about Andrea Vetrano’s job, they feel incredibly envious, because it really is one of the most exciting professions in the world. He’s a marketing expert who goes around the globe to beautiful hotels so he can showcase all they have to offer. It’s an exciting opportunity, and one that Vetrano doesn’t take lightly.

He started sharing videos and photos of his travels on Instagram all the way back in 2014, but he started getting really into it in 2017. It only took a year before he was contacted by his first manager offering him a free stay at a luxury hotel. “I couldn’t believe it,” Andrea said. “I always wanted to travel, but this made me realize that I could make a living doing what I’m passionate about.” Since then, he’s worked with leading brands like Four Seasons, Aman, The Leading Hotels of the World, and many others. “I love showing my followers all of these amazing places, and I’m grateful to the brands for selecting me to stay in their hotels. It’s a win-win scenario for both of us, because I get to travel while they get new business.” When asked why these hotels chose him over other experts, Vetrano said, “It’s my professionalism. I put a lot of hard work into the content I make and always make sure that it’s perfect. Plus I’m always driven by my creativity. I can showcase their property in a way they had never considered before.”

Although he does live an amazing, high-end life, Andrea Vetrano stresses that his profession is a lot of work. He needs discipline and commitment to meet his deadlines and please his clients. He spends every day editing, marketing, doing PR activities, and working with hotels. “This job isn’t for everyone. But if traveling is your passion, it doesn’t hurt to chronicle your journey and see where the tides take you.”

Most people love to travel, but not everyone gets as many opportunities as they’d like to get on an airplane and see the world. Andrea Vetrano is a seasoned traveler, and he showcases places where you’d enjoy going on your next vacation.

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