A look inside Mena Garcia’s image consultant process

A lot of importance is placed on how a person looks and presents himself in the modern world. A lasting impression is formed based on how you look, dress, and address others in society. Mena Garcia is an image consultant who helps individuals build their look, confidence, styling, communication, and overall personality.

She graduated as an image consultant from London Image Institute. Along with being an image consultant, she is also a model, scuba instructor, and entrepreneur. She helps in building an image for clients through a vision they want to achieve for themselves. She does not believe in styling the client based on societal norms but rather what the client wants. She customizes her styling plans to suit the individual’s needs and goals. She believes that a stellar image is less about clothes and more about how a person communicates. Everyone has different styling personalities, so she needs to understand the person before providing them any consultation.

After understanding their style personalities, she analyses and provides solutions for the body type the client wants to achieve. She does not believe that there are only a few body types but focuses on what the client thinks is beautiful. She then moves onto face analysis, suggesting the most flattering way to accessories and style the hair based on the face symmetries. It is a top priority for the client to feel comfortable in the styling she provides. Having specialized in color styling, she helps identify the wardrobe color palette that will compliment them. She will style their hair and help them pick the hair color that suits them best to match the new look they have chosen for themselves. Plan a skincare routine for them according to their skin type. She will also teach them makeup techniques they can do independently. She also coaches them on how to communicate, click pictures, and set up their online profiles. She will provide a holistic image makeup for the client to be happy in their style and skin. She believes that if you are content with yourself, you tend to exude confidence in whatever you do. A stellar image could have a direct proportion to success.

It is a recommendation for people to pay attention to the points Mena Garcia has put forth. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but the beholder has to be you. You should find happiness in the way you look, and getting professional help could be a good idea.

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