A dream to become a top tech entrepreneur: Alex Arteaga’s story to success

Alex Arteaga pictured in 2019.

Alex Arteaga has come a long way since his younger years, where many were spent playing video games as a hobby. Years later, he has turned his passion for video gaming into a career, becoming an entrepreneur and CEO for two companies. With his dedication and experience for video games, Arteaga has become the owner and CEO for eRa Eternity, a gaming and e-sports company, alongside recently launched social media and marketing company, 8600 Media.

At the age of just 23, Alex has been able to propel forward with his dedication to becoming a successful entrepreneur and allowed himself to run his businesses from the comforts of his own home in Ontario, Canada.

Combining social media and online gaming

Arteaga utilizes his skills in social media and campaign management to elevate businesses of all sizes to reach their full potential via successful campaigns and advertising on social platforms. He has developed his skills by learning how to turn small companies around and take control of failing brand awareness campaigns, ensuring his clients can grow authentically via their social reach.

In 2012, eRa Eternity was born as a YouTube channel delivering content to their audience via their original founding team. Arteaga was brought in to lead their eSports division later on in 2015, where the focus was bringing online multiplayer gaming and streaming content to the eRa Eternity audience. 

8600 Media Ltd. & eRa Eternity LLC

“Being able to take something that at one point was just a hobby, to the next level, is amazing. and doing it with 8600 Media is awesome,

Arteaga reflected on how to utilize his management company alongside eRa Eternity.

Time for expansion

This was a time of expansion for eRa Eternity, and Alex was seen as a potential spearhead for this new branch. With a focus on hugely popular games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty and Rainbow Six Siege, Arteaga has been able to hone in on his existing skills and capitalize on the current success of these titles and further grow the eRa Eternity brand with new members and increased engagement.

In 2018, it was reported eRa Eternity had owing debt to their former players, which led to the company temporarily shutting down. During this time, Arteaga was able to support rebuilding the company and assisting in the dissolution of existing debt. Luckily, Arteaga had the knowledge to repair the damage and revive the company back to regular operations, which in December 2019 saw eRa Eternity relaunch officially to the online world.

As recent as January 2020, Alex and his business partner, Truls Aandal officially launched their management agency, 8600 Media which cemented the work they had been doing prior to launch.

“At first, we were doing social media management and marketing as a duo. Then we thought to capitalize in the field by founding a company. Since then, we’ve signed some artists and models, [and] some companies also signed, which can be found on our website.”

You could say Arteaga’s success as an entrepreneur in the e-sports sector can be measured in various ways, but you just have to see the growth experienced on their platforms to understand the achievements he’s had in the digital realm.

With over 211,300 followers on Twitter, 29,000 followers on Instagram and especially over 160,000 subscribers on Youtube, Arteaga has a distinct drive to engage and nurture his wide audience.

To sum up, here is a quote by Arteaga,

“…We want everyone we come into contact with, to leave better than when they showed up. Some want to learn, some want a community and some want to make money, so we do everything in our power to ensure that everyone gets what they want… it’s how we built eRa Eternity to what it is today.”

Alex Arteaga, 2020

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