357: From Her Hobby To A 9-Figure Exit: Jaime Schmidt Of Schmidt Naturals

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Jaime Schmidt co-founder of Schmidt Naturals

This week’s podcast is a deep dive with Schmidt Natural’s co-founder, author, and investor Jaime Schmidt. Building her brand from a side hobby to a 7-figure annual income didn’t happen overnight, but Schmidt refused to let fear hold her back.

Although Schmidt says she has had 22 previous jobs, Schmidt Naturals was her very first business. Living off $35k joint-income with a new baby, Schmidt first started creating her all-natural products at home, selling them at farmer’s markets. After years of dedication and very little capital, Schmidt reflects on her 9-figure exit, her journey into investing, and writing her first book Supermaker: Crafting Business on Your Own Terms.

The perfect podcast for anyone who has a vision and a dream, Schmidt is an inspirational entrepreneur who continues to lift up others with her infectious positivity.

Key Takeaways

  • Has had 22 jobs, her entrepreneurial journey was the highlight of her career. Today she is an investor and author
  • Launched Schmidt Naturals as a hobby, as a creative outlet
  • Was pregnant at the time and started creating her own all-natural shampoos, deodorants, and the next thing she knew she was selling them at the Farmer’s Market
  • The biggest challenge was making these natural products stay together without synthetic binders. She didn’t have any pressure, no investors, so it was fun for her
  • Best opportunity was getting feedback from customer sin the market
  • Realizing the opportunity for natural deodorant within the market
  • 35k per year joint income with a child, she was also working a few side jobs as seed money for the business
  • Her first step selling wholesale, and how she developed the brand over the years through Omnichannel
  • The biggest challenge of the business and funding her business
  • Going all in, full-time, 3 years into the business
  • Why easing into the business was the biggest asset for her
  • Manufacturing in-house all the way up
  • Partnering with Unilever
  • Writing her book, Supermaker: Crafting Business on Your Own Terms, and her journey in investing
  • Mentoring on the upcoming TV show Going Public
  • Why she thinks you need to block out the noise, focus on your own vision, and don’t be afraid to change

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