351: 0- $100m In 3 Years: How Gail Becker, Founder of CAULIPOWER Changed The Game

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Gail Becker founder of CAULIPOWER

In this delicious interview, Nathan Chan sits down with CAULIPOWER founder Gail Becker to find out how she took her ecommerce company from $0 to $100M in just 3 years.

Becker takes us on her tasty food brand journey, from her experience in corporate life as a marketer, to branching into the unknown to create something she wanted to see on the market: more food options for celiacs.

Listen in as she discusses the process of getting her product into 25,000 stores on her first try and the future of Amazon.

This interview is perfect for anyone interested in entering the food industry, as Becker lays out everything she has learned along the way. And why in life, you should do something that you love.

Key Takeaways

  • Becker discusses how she first decided to start CAULIPOWER, and why her frustration with lack of celiac food options pushed her to create her own
  • Her journey from working in marketing to creating her own business
  • How she hit $100m in 3 years and how CAULIPOWER got such exceptional growth
  • What she believes is the hardest part of every journey
  • Becker discusses how others can start their own food business, and what she did
  • Working with Wholefoods
  • Why Becker believes you need to hire people who you can learn from
  • Becker’s advice to others, and why now is the time to start your own business

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