3 popular entrepreneurial myths debunked by John Kevin Lawson

Every entrepreneur knows that social media is crucial to the growth of their business. In an interconnected world, social media is helping brands break barriers and reach audiences far and wide.

John Kevin Lawson is first an entrepreneur passionate about helping other entrepreneurs, especially in Africa, leverage social media. He is a marketing strategist, branding specialist, and a social media agency that caters to many clients.

Over the course of his career, he has built a following on social media; he is popular on Instagram and Snapchat, having organized successful events. He is the man behind the Afrobeach, Afrocity and evenings in Montreal nightlife.

John Kevin Lawson has always had a fascination for social media and showbiz. It is only right that he pursued this. He was born in the US, grew up in Togo and moved to Canada for university. All the knowledge and experience he has accumulated he now uses to help hold the hands of other entrepreneurs struggling to breakthrough.

In addition to working with branding and influencers, he has also worked with renowned artists. He has explored event organization and shows as he went to school for it. He now has a Digital Event Company.

His efforts to help other entrepreneurs has seen him found his most recent company, ‘Johnk Agence’, whose sole mission is to help other entrepreneurs run successful ventures. He not only consults but also offers coaching services for up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

According to John, your entrepreneurial passion begins early in your life, and you can pursue it at any point in your life. Being an entrepreneur is not just about creating a successful business but also following a path of fulfilment. He often points out that it is hard to succeed and grow when you don’t like what you’re doing.

Through ‘PDE AFRQUE’, a foundation he created for African entrepreneurs, he has helped many business people understand social media’s power and how to leverage various platforms to grow their businesses.

Digital media is here to stay, and it is important that entrepreneurs in every corner of the planet accept and embrace this. Like John says, to survive in a competitive environment, entrepreneurs need to take advantage of every tool available to them.

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